Thursday, December 10, 2009

SEWING nonstop

That is kind of how I feel. So much sewing going on over here:) I really never imagined that I would be so busy this year with the shop. Last year was so quiet.

While I am busy doing custom orders and sewing ornament after ornament, I squeeze in some items for the shop. Here are a few of the newest little dollies!
3 of them are for the shop:)
Sally has a similar one:)

Which one is your favorite? Tell mw what you think of the eyes. Do you like them better with shut eyes? You will have to look at old posts or my shop to see the other ones.

I have a ton more ornaments to make. have a good night:)


  1. love sally...oh i would love 2 of those for the girls!

  2. so cute april... i don't know how you do it :) i personally like the eyes shut but they're still adorable, as always :)