Wednesday, June 24, 2009

vacation is not for resting

Matt's vacation is over:( I don't think we have ever done more in a week then we did on his vacation. The week started off with him refinishing our wood floors.


This is where we all have been living for the last week and a half.

It has been a little crazy with all of us in this room. Luckily it is a large dining room. As you can see by the floors they will be next.

We also fit some fun into his vacation. We went to the park a few times.

Matt's brother and his family came for the week and stayed out at his mom's. We went there a couple of times.

I did a little shopping:)
Ava got to spend 2 nights with her favorite little cousin!

We also managed to go to a lake and swim. Those pictures are on my other camera. Maybe I will put those up another time.

I spent 8 hours painting the living room! I don't think I have ever spent 8 hours doing anything. And it still is not done. I have a few little finishing touches to make. I have been changing the mantel display every few hours. I am going for something different this time.

I am just tired writing about it. The color is Olive green. I love it. Actually it may be the same color as my cousin Barb's living room. I found this color in a magazine. They had a chair that is the same color as the fireplace. These pictures are a little dark though. At the moment we still have all the furniture in the dining room. We will have to move it back this week. Next project is the dining room.