Thursday, February 19, 2009

Living in a trailer down by the river:)

The title only means something to my mom and sister! They know what it refers to:)

Yesterday, my sister Stacy and her very entertaining daughter Zhaina came over. Just adding one more kid to my five was a like a circus here yesterday! Zhaina and Preston do love playing with eachother, but they also love to fight over anything they can think of. Preston likes to run her over with his tonka truck and Zhaina likes to chase Preston around threating him with her love:) What I find amusing is Stacy saying every 15 mins to Zhaina, "In 2 more minutes you'r taking a nap!". This goes on for about an hour. Then when Zhaina whines about something Stacy will say, "OK, nap time!". Zhanina then freaks out and Stacy says, "OK, 1 more minute and then nap time!!!". The one minute turns into another 45 mins of Zhaina and Preston pushing eachother of the stool on which they were dancing on. It really is funny watching their little antics.

So of course Preston did not want to cooperate during picture time and the other kids were still in school so here are Jonathan and Zhaina!

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