Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am hooking up with Lindsey again for WIWW!
I don't think I have ever taken so many pictures of myself:/ My regular camera is broken so I have been using my iphone. Again I am all over the house in these pictures trying to get a good one. Can you settle for ok? I have 2 1/2 days for you this week:)Our downstairs bathroom has the best lighting. But, it is only waist up. This is the 1/2 day. I was in a hurry this day. Friday. They are always super busy. Running around all day! I tried to click a few, but these 2 are as good as it gets.
Boyfriend Blazer-Maurices
Jeans-Victoria's Secret
Cowboy Boots-Victoria's Secret

Earrings- not sure:/Instagram from that day. I was rushing to the grocery store. YUCK!
Ok, now that I am looking at the pictures I have, this day is not that great for pics either:/ This outfit was for shopping with my daughter Carmen and meeting up with my mom, sister Melissa, sister Stacy and her daughter Zhaina:) Such a FUN day!!!
These shoes are so comfortable. My plan was to wear them for the purpose of having something easy to slip on and off so I could try on some boots. Haha, Carmen was the one who got all the fun stuff that day.
I so wish I would have taken a better picture of the white shirt. Super cute.

Again Boyfriend Blazer- Maurices

Jeans-Victoria's Secret




Ring-not sure Instagram from that day:)
The reason for the shopping? Who needs a reason, but I actually had one:) Carmen was attending a Halloween party that night so we had to go buy some fun little items for her 80's costume!
It was so much fun putting this outfit together!!! She looked "rad!":))
For Monday I put this Fall outfit together:) Another room, trying hard to get a good one:/ (Don't mind the messy room)
Fun boots, but they have heals and I have been on the lookout for the perfect boot. I am having a hard time making a choice. I was so tired this day. Monday. My eyes would not stop watering. Not looking so hot:/

Love these earrings that my sister Melissa brought back from Greece!! LOVE!


Jeans-Victoria's Secret

Tank Tops-Target (you will probably see these in most of my outfits, I have tons)

Boots-Victoria's Secret (like 10 yrs ago)


Instagram from that day.

I am looking forward to going through all the outfits on Lindsey's blog. Hope you join me:)


  1. Thanks for visiting Yellow Blackbird! My brown boots are Steve Madden and I got them at DSW. I bought them last year so I don't know if they would be carried this season.

  2. My favorite part of you doing this is picturing you dragging that mirror all around your house trying to get the "perfect" picture. ha! Having been part of wardrobe remix on flickr for like the last year and a half, I know the trials and tribulations of wardrobe self portraits for sure! But isn't it fun...and addicting???