Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh How I Miss You

A couple of nights ago Carmen was going through all my scrapbook supplies and pictures that are waiting to be stuck in books. As she would show me her favorites I realized how much I miss touching all the papers and doo dads. A couple of years ago I started on Etsy selling scrapbooks and have some in my studio that never sold. I have been meaning to use them for my own pictures. Carmen found this one.I am going to use it for pictures of the boys together. I can't wait to start. While Jonathan is at preschool tomorrow I am going to start. He only is at school for 2 hours, so I don't know how far I will get. I am little rusty.This is the first page. Another cute page.I can't wait to pick out the perfect pictures of the boys.And another:)I can't believe I have neglected my first love of crafts for so long. All those supplies just waiting to be used.This is my favorite part:)

I have been slowly putting new things in the shop. Here are a few hoots that you can find in the shop now.An Autumn Owl Garland. I really love these fabrics.A couple of Owl Bookends to match and to make your fall decor so festive! I have others to match as well. Hope you find the perfect Owl decoration for your home:)