Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Getting up at 6 for the kids to get off to school is not one of my favorite things. I have learned that I need to jump right in the shower before I do anything else and have my coffee shortly after or I can not deal with the chaotic morning of getting 5 kids ready for the day! You would think at least I would have the weekend to get some rest. HAHA!!! Saturday we had to all get up at the same time as a school day and head off to Carmen's volleyball game!An hour drive there, was not something that sounded fun:/ We also picked up one of Carmen's friends, which added to the stress. It really would have not been so bad if Matt was there to help, but he had to work:/

Within the first 5 minutes of us getting there, Jonathan fell down a few steps, face first. That was a sign of how the next 5 and half hours were going to be!!!!!

The games were 4 and half hours!!! That is waaaaaaaaaaaay to long to expect my kids to sit there and watch anything. I brought a LOT of snacks to keep them busy. The boys brought some cars and Ava had some books and paper to keep her occupied. What do you think Corrina was doing???I will give you one guess;)

I felt bad for Carmen because by the time it was over I had had enough!! Next time Matt will be coming with!
I have been filling the shop with more fun owls! Here a few of my favorites!
My pictures have not been turning out that great lately. I have noticed they look blurry or furry or something. Am I shocked? The way the kids have it all the time and me and my butter fingers.................no, not really. I know I need a new one.
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!


  1. love the pictures of both girls! soooo cute :)

  2. you are a busy busy bee! i don't know how you do it;)

  3. you prob'ly just need your lens looked at.