Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and END OF YEAR SALE!

Every year I look soooo forward to all the Christmas festivities and this year did not disappoint. The first part of Christmas Eve was spent with the just us hanging out and the kids playing:) They got to open their traditional jammie gift that they open every Christmas Eve. Even though they know that it is jammies it is always fun for them to see WHAT the jammies look like. I had to wait awhile to try them on since Grandpa and Julie, Jennifer and Sheena were coming:) I have become soooo bad at making sure I take pictures so the only one I have of them is this.My dad and my son:)

After we ate and laughed a bit it was time for the kids to put their jammies on:)He received the cutest jammies:)I tried so hard to get red jammies for all the kids and if you know Preston it suits him that he ended up with black. He just a little stinker.Sorry about this bad pic:/ Matt I got to bed around 12:00. That never happens it always ends up being 1 or 2 so you would think we good nights rest. HAHA!! Kids woke up at 2AM!!! It was our other stinker who was the head of it all.She looks innocent. Carmen and Corrina I guess made this master plan to set alarms and wake up the others but Carmen had her own internal alarm and woke up Preston and after that there was no turning back and having them fall asleep. We tried but they were just to excited. Preston fell asleep on the floor and Carmen went back to bed for a bit. They kept coming up to our room and saying it's after 8 (that is one of our rules) are you coming? And I would say I am trying, this is what happens when you wake up at 2 AM. So finally we crawled out of bed and the opening began.......................after I made some coffee:)I won't bore you with all the morning faced pictures, but this was the present I was most excited to give:) She has wanted on for so long and this year I she got her wish:) An American Girl Doll!!! Kit! She is sooo cute I wish she was mine:) Ava has been dressing her in her jammies every night and sleeping with her and in the morning getting her dressed and toting her around all day. I love that she loves her sooo much, these days will not last forever and are over way to fast.WHAT A MESS!!! But, really this makes me happy:) They will soon be grown and have their own families.It is soooo hard to get a picture of them without half of them not cooperating:/ This is the best we could do. When the company arrived Preston had just his white undershirt on and I MADE him put this on for the pictures and he whipped it right off after they were over. I HATE having my picture taken, but when we take pictures together it turns into a silly laughing fest and that makes it not so bad.We had such a fun time on Christmas day! I LOVE being with my family:)Just Dance 2 on the Wii was a big hit and Stacy I believe had the most fun with it:)))We had the fire going so they were a little warm but it did not stop them:)I wish we would have taken a family photo. I know these pictures are a little late and now it is New Years Eve!! Boy does time go by fast.

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Wishing all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  1. I still can't believe your kids got up at 2AM! Those little shits!

    Christmas was fun, way fun :)