Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I miss him already!

It is Matt's first day of work today after he had 10 days off. I get really spoiled when he is on vacation and the kids as well. We had a great week. We always pack a lot in to the week. This week it was Carmen's 11th birthday!Isn't she cute:))))It was soooo hot and humid this day so we decided to head to our local outdoor pool and spend a couple hours there before we had this yummy cake! She had a birthday party with her friends on Friday.!

Jonathan always has the happiest smile on his face. He is having so much fun with his daddy! This is one of the reasons we love him (dad) so much!

I will ave lots to share for the next few days. We really did do a lot. We ripped wall paper down and painted (I HATE THE NEW PAINT). I painted furniture, we had a birthday party (2), we went to the lake, went to a family gathering ( I love doing that), I rearranged my studio and fit some sewing in at night mostly and there was probably more:) I will try and not be lazy and get those blogs in.


  1. April, I just saw this post and realized that I had never let you know that I received your cute little owl! Sorry about that. And thank you so much- it is adorable! ♥

  2. happy bday to your little one:)
    smiles, gina

  3. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful vacation!!

    Your kids are adorable.

  4. Thank you for so much for your sweet comments!