Sunday, June 13, 2010

These 2 will be gone for over a month:(

Yesterday was Zhaina's birthday party! It will be the last time I see these 2 for over a month. They are taking their annual trip to Greece where most years they spend the summers there. I am secretly glad that this year they are only going to be gone a short while. Hopefully someday I will be able to take a trip there:)

I am adding and have added a few new items to the shop!!! I am getting ready for something very exciting that I will be sharing with you later this summer!! I CAN NOT WAIT!

What do you think?

And to Stacy and Zhaina.....................I will miss you:) Wishing you 2 a safe trip!


  1. those dollies are so cute...i love the flowers on them!

    and i can't wait to hear your news...please tell us soon!

  2. i'm on pins and needles!!!

  3. Well we made it! The Island is magical, as always :) Thanks for the tribute, oh and could you please email me some of the pics you got at Zhaina's birthday???

    see you near the end of July!