Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up in arms;)

That is what is going on on Etsy right now. It is little too technical for me, but I think the jist of it is that Etsy is not showing up on google the right way, which means low sales and low views. I know that for me, last year at this time was soooo slow that I almost shut down the shop. This time however I am doing lots of sewing and keeping a positive attitude. Here is my studio right now.
Minis and bigger ones ready to be finished.
These small owls are plush instead of bookends:)

Some more bookends for the shop. These are my best sellers.

I am adding some to the shop tonight and have a couple custom orders I need to finish up:)

Have a good night!


  1. Those are sew cute! I love owls! =) My little girl and I have things lined up to sew this summer... birds and owls are on the list!! =)
    New follower... how could i resist!

  2. They are adorable!

    This is the second time I have heard of the etsy/google thing within the past couple days. I have been staying out of the forums...I guess I should go read up.