Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have not posted in awhile. OOOPS! Little Jonathan is on his 3rd day of a high temp:(

Obviously this picture is not from today:)

Poor little guy. It was soooo nice out today and he had a little window there that he felt good so he played outside for a like 45 mins. Everyone needs a little fresh air this time of year. It is almost time for dinner and he is fast asleep. I thought I would load some things up in the shop before I start the Spaghetti dinner.

Here are a few new things added to the shop today!
Medium sized owl with some retro looking fabric!
Small plush owl with fabric from the same collection.

A bookend with fabric from the same collection. Amy Butler fabric was used for the underside of the wings. It matches perfectly.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday! I can't wait to watch Lost tonight and have our movie night. I was thinking, Lovely Bones. Have any of you seen it yet and how is it?


  1. I haven't seen it, although I thought about renting it tonight. Be interested in knowing what you think! HOpe your little guy feels better soon and those owls are DARLING!

  2. LOVE the fabric on the 1st owl, so cute!!!

    Sorry Jonathan is still feeling ill :( Barbara said you guys couldn't make it to the party today, which is too bad, cause the kids would've had fun, Zhaina and Maria sure did.

    And about that movie. Haven't seen it, but it's in my Netflix queue!

  3. ive seen lovely bones. i thought it was gonna be more graphic cus ive heard the book is...buuut it was ok. really vague i thought. i wanna read the book :)

  4. Poor little guy. Hope he is feeling better.

    Beautiful new owls.