Thursday, February 24, 2011


I know it has been hit or miss with me keeping up on here. What can I say, it has just been busy around here. The winter weather does not help my mood much either. BUT, today is sunny!!!! As I was cutting away in my studio I thought to take some pictures to show you what inspires me:)
SOME of my fabric stash:)) I love looking at these and I LOVE getting them in the mail:)))
I have lots of little jars of flowers, buttons, stamps, ribbons and other things.
Most of these are for my scrapbooking that I have neglected:/ Notice they are in jars as well:)
Another thing I have neglaected are my handmade cards. I REALLY wish I had more time in the day, but very thankful for how well I Sew Lucky is doing:) BUTTONS! I used to keep these in little tiny jars, but realized that this is much more efficient. Not to say you won't still find little jars of buttons throughout my house:)
More jars:)
Owl garlands in progress.
What inspires you?

I put some new items up in the shop today!! 2 Owl Bookends with this super cute Riley Blake fabric:)
This is the last of the cute polka dot fabric by Riley Blake. I put this little minky one in the shop earlier and has already sold:) YAY!! Love my job!!!
I would really love to hear what inspires you:)


  1. such a bright, organized work space~

  2. E' tutto meraviglioso, sei bravissima!

  3. I am just beginning to sew.. love your studio! xo hugs bonitarose i am in fargo!