Friday, May 14, 2010

All over the place!

First of all I am so bad at this blogging thing:( But I thought since I have some new products that are entering the shop I will show you what a mess my studio is.

On my sewing table are 2 custom dollies that I NEED to get done this weekend and a few others for the shop. There are also a ton of owls at all different stages.
Some of these are bookends but most of them are my very exciting new collection of owls!
Some of them have been stuffed:) I have many more to do. But if you can tell in this picture, the 3 that have wool felt eyes instead of buttons. I wanted something safe for the little ones that they would not put in their mouths. Another really great thing I did with these special owls is made them with some very posh material!! A lot of minky and a lot of chenille. I really love this new collection of owls!! I hope that they go over well in the shop!
The thread is for the eyes on the owls and all cut outs are my owl ornaments! 200 of them so far:)
This BIG owl is made with super soft minky!! It is my favorite material! It is almost like it is not there it is sooo soft! The Amy Butler fleece also adds to the richness of him:) Notice the eyes...they are wool felt which were hand sewn on to made very safe and if you look really close you can see the stars in the eyes to make them even cuter!
Another different kind of minky! She is just so sweet. You can't go wrong with pink and brown!
Lovin the chenille!!! It is quite expensive, but I just thought it would really make this collection of owls be even more special for the little ones. The chenille really makes me think baby!
So there you go! I am in my studio a lot!! The kids have been really great with helping fold clothes and keeping each other busy:) This weekend I will be getting ready for Ava's birthday party on Sunday! She is sooo excited she has been counting down the days for a month!
Wishing everyone a great weekend!

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  1. Love your owls! They look so soft and make me want to squeeze them and rub them on my face! I'm sure little ones will adore them!