Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas owls

Ok, they may not all be Christmas owls.I have been making so many mini owls lately I needed to stock the store with some big ones as well.


I still can't help but make little ones.
I had a little helper today.

He stuffed it for as long as he had patience for. Then he asked where the nails are :) He meant pins, so he could pin the opening together. He pinned it and said, "OK, where is my dollar now!". I couldn't resist giving him one, because he must have had it in his head the whole time. So we went to the post office to mail some packages and then to the gas station so he could get his favorite thing......................tic tacs:) He was so proud to pay with his own money. Love him:)

All day with these little boys is sometimes so sweet!

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