Monday, December 22, 2008

Freak Show

I HATE mornings! I can never get a grip and I am always crabby.

So the other morning when we all got up and I noticed that Matt had not done all the garbages for garbage day, I got mad at him and started telling him what his jobs are. He was running late so he had no time to listen to my ranting. Well, that makes me crabby so I start looking for other things that bug me. Well there was one right in front of my face.....the recycling that was on the stove that had not been taken out yet. He was out on the snow covered deck getting the recycling in the bin and I was doing my ranting and he was bugging me so I whipped the cardboard out at him and he then kicked some snow at me. So, what do I do? Find some more cardboard to whip out at him. The whole time this is going on the kids are getting their stuff on to go to school and Matt and I are having our little morning freak show. I was fuming, so I start changing the kitchen garbage to throw out on the snow. I wanted him to see that he didn't even get the very full garbage. So I go to open the door and Matt had pushed the recycle bin up against the door so I couldn't open it. I was pushing and shoving and finally the bin fell over and cardboard came spilling out. So I whip the kitchen garbage to throw it onto the snow and , WHOOPS, it lands on the garage roof. I had a little chuckle to myself and thought "oooh, Matt is going to not like that".

I went on with my morning business and who drives up? The Deacon from the Queen of Peace!!! He had a turkey for us. He comes up onto the deck and stumbles over the recycling and I said "Oh, the recycling bin fell over:(". I was hoping he didn't see the garbage on the garge roof. How would I explain that? "Ooops the gargbage flew on the roof!"

So what lesson did I learn? I am not sure yet! Maybe, be more grateful that Matt doesn't ring my neck every day for all the freakshows I like to put him through:)


  1. i know how you feel zach always forgets to take the garbage when its right infront of the door! :)

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  3. try putting a dumpster within tossing range.